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Native American Bounty

Not long ago when I visited Judith Moses, the tribal librarian for the Colville Confederated tribes, she shared with me, a great way that she had come up with to promote foods which were the staples of the tribes before the white man arrived.  Judith produces a calendar which contains pictures of the food and recipes as to how to prepare them.

This calendar wasn’t cheap to produce so Judith reached out to the WSU extension service.  They were happy to partner with her tribe to promote healthy eating.  Judith not only found the 12 recipes, she staged and shot the mouth watering photos of each month’s food.  It doesn’t hurt that Judith has a background in art.  Kudos to Judith for a great idea and its superb execution.


















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2 Responses to “Native American Bounty”

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful artwork from the traditional foods calendar. There is a typo that may prevent others from finding this article; the nation that you are describing is the Colville Confederated Tribes, not “Colville Federated Tribes.”



  2. Very nice! Looks good and the recipe is good, but struggling to find Wapato shoots. maybe because I’m in the UK?