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Lively Art @ the Ellensburg Public Library

Hal Holmes Center Mural (adjacent to the library) Many libraries are embellished with significant pieces of art found in the building or on the immediate grounds, enhancing their attractiveness to patrons and visitors. Not too long ago I had the opportunity to visit the Ellensburg Public Library, where I encountered quite a remarkable collection of art works. If you’re in Ellensburg, it’s worth a visit to the library just to check them out!

Many of the art pieces there grace the exterior building and grounds. These ranged from the brightly colored mural on the adjacent Hal Holmes Center building, to the charming if slightly disconcerting Kitt Coyote who greets you as you approach the library entrance. On the day I visited, he was flourishing a brightly colored bouquet of flowers that someone had handed to him.Kitt Coyote @ Ellensburg Public Library entrance

I hope you’ll follow the links to view several more pictures of these pieces and more. Look for the appealing bas relief of a girl and boy sharing a book under the apple trees, with a mountain in the background.

Not to mention the impressive labyrinth, depicting the history of the county in four quadrants: In the Beginning; And Then People Came to Live; And Then People Built Towns and Industries; And Now Our Hands Build for the Future.

Inside you’ll encounter the beautiful Margaret Holms Memorial stained glass window, depicting a woman reading to children, while a couple of engaging dogs look on. Brightly colored ceramic tiles and earth toned vases by a local artist ornament another room. The whimsical anthropomorphic stepping stool “whatsit” is apparently a favorite with the children, while kindergartners themselves painted the equally delightful “Tulip in the Kinder Garden” a splashily decorated exemplar of the “Cows Around Town” project.

Finally, I had the enjoyment of viewing several of Doc Hageman’s pieces fashioned from paper pill cups. Since those were a temporary exhibit while I was there, you probably won’t be lucky enough to see them if you visit now.

Art makes everyone’s day brighter, especially when it’s found @ the library!

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