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The Yakama Nation Library is a recipient of YALSA’s 2014 Great Books Giveaway


What happens when you combine a group of teens with 35 boxes of new books? Short answer, chaos!  Long answer, a bunch of exited young adults who can’t wait to start reading.  Recently YALSA, or Young Adult Library Service Association donated $10,000 in new books to Yakama Nation Library.  Every year YALSA, whose mission is to expand and strengthen library services for teens, donates thousands of books to qualifying libraries across the United States.  The Yakama Nation Library is situated between 12 schools within a 5 mile radius. This means students from all these different schools need access to books and information for school reports, language studies and access to books outside school hours.  Before YALSA’s donation many of the books on the Yakama Nation Library’s shelves were out dated. Now with the book donation, the library’s collection has become richer with a more current range of fiction and non-fiction books and media to choose from.  But all this is just words. The best way to understand the joy this award has provided is to see the pictures.

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