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Are you aware that the Washington State Library is not only a Federal Depository Library but also a Washington State Depository?  This means that we collect, preserve and provide access to all publications created by Washington State Agencies.

In 1963 the State Legislature created Washington State Depository Program and RCW Chapter 40.06 to ensure that our citizens have economical, convenient and permanent access to state publications. We have publications dating back to 1853, when Washington became a territory, which can be found in our online catalog, and are continually collecting new items as they are published.  We also distribute copies of state publications to libraries around the state, and capture and preserve electronic publications, so that citizens can more easily access them.

As you can imagine this is an enormous job but also one that is highly gratifying as we get to see all sorts of fascinating and often beautiful documents as they are published.  We decided to share some of our finds with you as they make their appearance.  So for the inaugural post we give you the Teanaway Community Forest Management Plan. 
















Prepared by

Washington State Department of Natural Resources

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

April 2015

In 2013, Washington State paid $100 million to acquire 50,241 acres in the Teanaway, First Creek and Cabin Creek river basins of Kittitas County from American Forest Holdings LLC. The purchase was the largest single land transaction by Washington State government in 45 years, resulting from more than a decade of collaboration by many people and organizations.

The Governor and Legislature authorized the acquisition to protect a key segment of the Yakima River Basin watershed under the provisions of the Yakima Basin Integrated Water Resource Management Plan (known as the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan, or YBIP). Lawmakers directed the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to manage the property in consultation with the Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) as the first state-run community forest under the terms of a 2011 law that emphasizes community participation in forest management.

This plan was developed to meet the requirements of the law and to reflect the priorities of the Washingtonians who cherish the Teanaway and view it as a special place.

Want to see the document?  Click on the links below.

Washington State Library Electronic State Publications – Teanaway Management Plan

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