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The new LSTA Five Year plan has been approved.

Picture of the Strategic Goals of the Washington State LibraryEvery five years one of our tasks at the State Library is to both look backwards and look forward. The backwards part is an evaluation of our previous LSTA Five-Year Plan; how did we do, did we meet our goals, and how can we do better? Looking forward of course is developing our plans and goals for the next five years. We take into consideration LSTA priorities, goals set by the Governor, we consult library leaders around the state about their hopes and needs, and we do a lot of thinking and planning how we can best use the federal funds to support Washington libraries.

After a lot of hard work we are happy to report that the LSTA Five Year Plan has been approved by the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services. View the approval letter here.

The LSTA Five-Year Plan guides the activities to be conducted with federal LSTA awards given out from federal fiscal year 2018 through federal fiscal year 2022. The LSTA Five-Year Plan shares the overall mission of the Washington State Library and uses five of the seven goals within the Washington State Library Strategic Plan (see inset). These goals form the foundation for implementation of projects over the next federal fiscal years.

Look over these goals and tell us how we can help you and your community. The Washington State library, here to connect Washington through the power of libraries.

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