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Picture of the Washington State Library Building with the words "WSL Presesnts: News from Washington Libraries."

Our mission statement is a short and simple, yet powerful statement of what we do here at the Washington State Library.  We see ourselves as an umbrella that hovers over all the wonderful libraries in our state, offering unique resources, expertise, training opportunities and grants which help you fulfill our common goal: to provide excellent service to our states residents.  We look with amazement at all that happens in our state; the programs, resources and support you each provide to your community.

One small role that we can fill is to amplify the work that each and every library in this state does for their patrons.  In the past we used to collect library news from around the state and send out an email called “Clippings”.  A year ago, however, we moved to an online platform that we named “WSL presents: News from Washington Libraries.”  We constantly comb the web and your social media sites to try to learn what is happening at your library and every two weeks a new issue is published (the first and third Friday of the month.)  Despite our best efforts however we know there is so much going on that we miss.  So this is a call for help. What’s happening at your library?  Maybe you have a remodel going on, perhaps some particularly cute pictures from Storytime, news of a really special author reading that occurred?  How about one of those golden handwritten notes of praise from a patron… you get the idea.  We would love to help you share your news.  If you send your stories to Staci Phillips ([email protected] ) she’ll include it in the next issue. And while you’re at it, head on over to the paper, and read all the great Washington Library news, and while you’re there, sign up to have future issues delivered right to your inbox twice a month.

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