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March Issue of Western State Hospital Library Newsletter Salutes Kim Wyman

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Kim WymanAmerican Libraries celebrate Women’s History Month!

We salute the new Secretary of State Kim Wyman—the second woman to hold that position in Washington State.  Kim served as Thurston County Auditor for 12 years prior to her election.

Dear Dewey-WSH Newsletter March 2013

Washington State Library Retains Reed

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ReedNOPERMISSIONTOUSE smallSecretary of State Sam Reed is leaving his Office in January, but he won’t be leaving the Washington State Library.  Washington State Library’s online catalog will continue to preserve Sam’s career in public service as an author, co-author, and through subject headings.

Sam Reed is listed as an author or co-author in 17 entries in the online catalog.  The authority heading as an author is Reed, Sam, 1941-.  There is a “See” reference for Reed, Sam Sumner, 1941 which points to Reed, Sam 1941.  The 17 entries include Washington State Publications in both print and electronic formats.

The oldest title listed was published in 1968:

An analysis of the factional power struggle in the Republican Party of Washington State from 1962 to 1967  [Pullman] Dept. of Political Science, Washington State University, c1968

Perhaps this was the beginning of Sam’s interest in civility in government?

Sam Reed’s new book, A Survival Guide for Life in the Public Arena,  shares his views and experiences on leadership and how to succeed in government service.  This book will soon be available through the Washington State Library’ s catalog.

Searching for Sam Reed as a title brings up two entries.  One is a work in which Sam is featured in a case study.  The other is an electronic publication of the Office of the Secretary of State.

As a subject, Sam has two subject headings:  Reed, Sam, 1941- and Reed, Sam, 1941- — Correspondence.  There are two entries for Reed, Sam, 1941 and one entry for Reed, Sam –Correspondence.  Recently, a book detailing Sam Reed’s political history and accomplishments as Secretary of State was published.  The book, Sam Reed Secretary of State:  A Dozen Years of Service & Civility, will also soon be available in the Washington State Library catalog.

Sam can also be found in the Washington State Library’s Select Index to The Olympian and other regional publications.  This online index contains citations to articles in The Olympian and other newspapers throughout Washington.  Dates covered are 1993-2009, inclusive.  Searching for Sam Reed will bring up 515 results which include citations to articles when Sam was Thurston County Auditor and during his tenure as Secretary of State.

As long as there is a Washington State Library, Sam will remain in its stacks and catalog.

Secretary of State Elect Kim Wyman Names Simmons State Librarian

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Rand Simmons


Kim Wyman, who will be sworn in as Washington’s 15th Secretary of State, announced her choices for her executive team Friday December 7.  In making her appointments, Wyman consulted with outgoing Secretary of State Sam Reed, senior managers and others both inside and outside of government.  In her email, she described the team as “a mix of people from within and outside the office, with a wide variety of experience and perspectives.”

Rand Simmons was chosen as Washington State Librarian effective January 16, 2013 when Wyman takes office. Simmons has been Acting State Librarian since September 2010. Kim and her Executive Team visited the Washington State Library to make the announcement to library staff.

See this link for a full story detailing Ms. Wyman’s choices for her Executive Leadership Team and Division Directors.

Comcast Newsmakers: Sam Reed

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Comcast Newsmakers talks with Sam Reed about the various functions of his office. It’s a good summary of the (rather odd) variety of functions the Office of the Secretary of State performs: elections, corporations, charities, archives, legacy project, the state library.

The Washington State Library gets excellent treatment, both time-wise and praise-wise. If you’re impatient, you can skip ahead – we’re covered from 1:01 – 2:16.