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Poem recently written for retiring ILS staff

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Librarians and Leisure
How do librarians spend their time
when their working days are though?
How will they fill those long empty days…
what activities will they pursue?

Do they catalog their pantries,
do they alphabetize the soup,
and make labels for the kitchen shelves
and arrange vegetables into groups?

Or perhaps it’s to the closets,
their attention they might turn…
and transform their wardrobe chaos
using skills they long ago learned.

No shirt will be uncatalogued,
No dress shall lack a space,
their undies, socks and ties will all,
have a Dewey inspired place.

Then of course there is the attic,
with items saved, set aside and hoarded,
the photos, knick-knacks, and sundries,
of course… must all be sorted.

But when these tasks are finished
and to leisure the bibliophile looks
The pot of gold, is their long amassed,
patiently awaited…
greatly anticipated…
glorious stack of unread books!

Lyla Brekke
Sept. 10, 2009

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One Response to “Poem recently written for retiring ILS staff”

  1. That is really a good poem, and all librarians seem to want that time to read, they can never find at work.