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Library Snapshot Day 1/11/11

With support from the American Library Association (ALA), Library Snapshot day is a national phenomenon that has quickly spread across the US.

Library Snapshot Day provides a way for libraries of all types across a state, region, system or community to show what happens in a single day in their libraries. How many books are checked out? How many people receive help finding a job? Doing their homework? This initiative provides an easy means to collect statistics, photos and stories that will enable library advocates to prove the value of their libraries to decision-makers and increase public awareness.

We will be having our very own Library Snapshot Day on 1/11/11 in the prison and psychiatric hospital libraries of Washington State.  On this day we will be taking statistics, collecting photos and stories, and we will be publishing the results online.

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2 Responses to “Library Snapshot Day 1/11/11”

  1. I’m heading down to Gig Harbor to visit WCCW with Laura Sherbo and Doug Gelis. Thanks for making it possible.

  2. Hey Craig! I hope you had a great time – if you’d like to guest post about your experience, we’d be happy to have you write something up!