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Stafford Creek is Going to the Dogs

Canine patrons check out the latest issue of BARK.

Stafford Creek Corrections Center has long welcomed the dogs from “Freedom Tails” dog program into the library, but never more so than on Library Snapshot Day 1/11/11.

Many of the dog handlers are regular library patrons and they made a point to visit the library and were very happy to get their pictures taken. It went so well that they made it into the local newspaper of Aberdeen, The Daily World.

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2 Responses to “Stafford Creek is Going to the Dogs”

  1. Nice dog in the picture, I remember I had one like that.

  2. A meaningful collaboration. Great job Freedom Tails Trainers! The dogs get a chance to live a happy life because of you.

    I hope the strong bond and friendship you have with the dogs bring you hope and a new sense of purpose as you move forward in life.