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Gardens in Unexpected Places

The first sight that greeted Diane Hutchins and me as we parked in the Hibulb Cultural Center lot on the Tulalip Indian reservation was a gorgeous garden.  The individual responsible for the garden, Veronica Leahy, happened to be working on site. Before we entered the Cultural Center for our visit, we chatted with her. Veronica said that this is a collaborative program which has involved the WSU master gardeners and a local community college in addition to the classes she leads.

Besides learning about gardening, classes of thirty or more tribal members have also learned how to cook the abundant produce that results.  The goal of the program is to promote healthy activities to improve tribal health.  The loveliness of the garden itself is a great by product.  Here are more pictures of the garden.

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2 Responses to “Gardens in Unexpected Places”

  1. Wonderful photos! What a nice benefit from you visit to the Hibulb Cultural Center. Rand Simmons, Acting State Librarian

  2. What a wonderful project. I am so proud of your work. How nice to share with one another.