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2013 Library Employee of the Year – Glenn Parsons

Glenn ParsonsGlenn Parson’s tenure with the Washington State Library nearly predates any other employee. Glenn was presented with his 35 years of service certificate and pin in 2012.

Glenn’s supervisor, Shirley Lewis notes, “Often working under tight deadlines, Glenn keeps materials coming into WSL Central Library and branch collections efficiently and quickly. His knowledge of fiscal procedures and his willingness to try new technology make him an invaluable resource for WSL.”  He also shares his expertise with staff in other Washington libraries and in other states.

In 2011, WSL’s staff spotlight noted that Glenn was “particularly talented at adapting to a wide variety of databases and computer applications, and has been especially helpful in assisting his co-workers in troubleshooting and navigating through difficult technical problems.”

“A true gentleman, he has a gift for making suggestions without coming across as negative or personally critical. During these times of budget woes, Glenn has made suggestions resulting in savings of thousands of dollars.”

His program manager, Steve Willis, says, “Glenn is one of those quiet and hardworking heroes who helps keep the WSL wheels rolling … His long history here and institutional memory of WSL has been invaluable to Technical Services as [they] strive to learn from the past while planning for the future. Also, his enjoyment of sharing general historical trivia is fun.”

Thanks, Glenn, for your steady, competent service to the people of Washington and congratulations on your recognition as the Washington State Library’s 2013 Employee of the Year.

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